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Mount Moreland

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Mount Moreland Conservancy Mount Moreland Conservancy
 Website with all the Conservation activities, events , bio-diversity etc Maps and more....


DMOSS - Questions and Answers
.DMOSS All about the DMOSS layer (Durban Metropolitan Open Space System)

Mount Moreland IBA - Important Birding Area Mount Moreland IBA

In 2006 The Lake Victoria wetland, Mount Moreland was declared an IBA, an Important Bird Area, by Birdlife International and BirdlifeSA as it hosts a roost of over 1% of the world's migratory barn swallows.


Bird Detection Radar System – Mount Moreland Barn Swallows ACSA bird detection radar system
This will be the first commercial airport where information from a bird detection radar will be used actively by air traffic controllers to warn pilots of current bird strike risks.

Mount Moreland Barn Swallows

Every year 3 million Barn Swallows arrive at Mount Moreland for the spring and summer months were they roost in the surrounding wetlands at night. A 'Return of the Swallows festival' is held annually to celebrate this awesome occurrence.
Barn Swallows
Visit the Barn Swallow website for more information