Mount Moreland Inkonjane


Mount Moreland 1970's & 1980's

Only in the 1970’s Mount Moreland was re-established as a township under the banner of Mount Moreland (Pty) Ltd. and the leadership of Mr Oberholzer. This all came about with the prospect of
the soon to be built Airport at La Mercy and the need for housing in close proximity to the proposed development. 

Mount Moreland 1970's

Mount Moreland 1970's
Mount Moreland 1970's  Mount Moreland 1970's  Mount Moreland during 1970's
1970's Mount Moreland, Lake Victoria in background (left)- Low level bridge over the Mdloti River to Mount Moreland (centre) Mount Moreland general shot ( right)

After a few initial investors and the shelving of the proposed airport Mount Moreland (PTY) LTD became a dormant company that was obtained by Tongaat Hulett and became their property development company known as Moreland developments, recently changed to Tongaat Hulett Developments.

1970 Mount Moreland developers advertising brochure
Mount Moreland advertising brochure 1970's 

 Mount Moreland and the Floods of 1987

During the 1987 floods Mount Moreland was not effected apart from the fact that all low laying roads were under water. Mount Moreland almost became an island, water surrounded three quarters of the village and an exciting time was had by all residents. The Mdloti river turned into a wide and raging mass of water as the Hazelmere dam up stream was filled to capacity and overflowed at an alarming rate.

Mount Moreland 1987 floods

View of left Froggy Pond and Mdloti River on the right of image

Mount Moreland during 1987 Floods  Mount Moreland during floods 1987
                      Lake Victoria                    

Mount Moreland during floods 1987  Mount Moreland during floods 1987

View down Charles Street at Mdloti River

Mount Moreland during 1987 Floods Mount Moreland during 1987 Floods  Mount Moreland during 1987 Floods

 Low level bridge underwater (left)    Charles Street (centre)    M4 Bridge destroyed (left)

Mount Moreland during the floods 1987

  View of Mount Moreland from opposite side of Mdloti River after the flood
   Photographs © Angie Wilken

 The central and southern parts of Natal were ravaged by floods between 28 and 30 September, that were amongst the most devastating to have occurred in South Africa. The destruction of property was catastrophic, nearly 400 people were killed and about 50 000 were left homeless. Damage to agriculture, communications, infrastructure and property amounted to R400 million (Van Bladeren and Burger, 1989).
Heavy and prolonged rains which fell during the flood period resulted in widespread flood conditions. In the Mdloti catchment between 400 and 600mm of rain fell over the period 25 to 30 September 1987. This was preceded by a wet fortnight in which between 40 and 60 mm had been recorded (Van Bladeren and Burger, 1989). This rainfall resulted in serious flood conditions in the area under study. A peak flow of 1 660 m3/s was recorded at the Hazelmere Dam on 29 September.