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  • Mount Moreland contact names and numbers to communicate via email or phone any of your questions or concerns regarding Mt Moreland

  • Mount Moreland is surrounded by land with a D'MOSS layer. This document assists in understanding this planning initiative in the form of questions and answers

  • Information on a variety of environment and conservation topics with regards to Mount Moreland and the rich bio-diversity fauna and flora of the area

  • Mount Moreland has a rich and extremly interesting diverse history with records dating back to the 1800's when Mount Moreland was first established as a township

  • Mount Moreland, a small village on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, next door to the new King Shaka International Airport and Dube Tradeport, place of the Barn Swallows. Mount Moreland Inkonjane

  • Mount Moreland recently received Important Birding Area (IBA) status, here is a discription and pictures of this very important award

  • A colourful and historical photographic record of the King Shaka International airport before and after. photos by Angie Wilken Mount Moreland

  • The King Shaka International Airport is a 40 year old project that finally became a reality on 1-05-2010 The Mount Moreland Story

  • Mount Moreland in the 1800's tells a story of the beginings of the Mount Moreland township as was recorded in different history books

  • Mount Moreland history in the 1970's and 1980's, this era sees the re-establishment of the Mount Moreland Township and the development of residential houses

  • Mount Moreland aerial views, photos of the area from a helicopter showing Mount Morelands position in relation to Dube Tradeport and King Shaka International Airport

  • Mount Moreland Street map with streets and lot numbers and approximate land sizes. Mt Moreland map also live google earth feed

  • Mount Moreland past and present shown through interesting photographs dating back to 1980 and upto 2010

  • The bird radar in use at the King Shaka International Airport is a Merlin XS2530i Aircraft Bird Avoidance Radar and is sited close to Froggy Pond, Mount Moreland

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  • Mount Moreland is home of the Barn Swallow for six months of the year and has a world famous Barn Swallow viewing site where one can witness this awesome occurance